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Speaking Engagements

Keynote or motivational speeches at your event to reinforce the message through the lens of academic and practical leadership. For annual conferences, important meetings, project kickoffs (live or virtual). We can set the stage, create a focus, for maximum impact by weaving and driving the objectives of the gathering.

Recharge Our Path


​​Personalized sessions to identify, address specified leadership gaps, and create a path toward excellence for individual or team.

Find My Compass


In-person workshops and training modules to keep your teams updated, engaged, and growing. Online training is also available. 

Wind in Our Sails

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High Performance Teams

Bringing my best together to create a beautiful harmony of success.

Our Synergy Quest

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Change Management

The rate of change is ever-increasing in your business today. We can design programs to help your team understand and navigate through the turbulence.

Charting Our Route

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Culture Enhancement

A combination of services designed to get you there. 1:1 mentoring, pre-test assessments, followed by training and development targeted at the identified problem area, then followed by a post-test assessment to measure improvement. Strategy analysis.  Organizational direction and alignment analysis. Mission, Vision, Values analysis.  The Balanced Scorecard. SWOT Analysis.

Setting Our Destination

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Organizational Champion

The Organizational Champion gets wise counsel in many areas. To this end PhD Leaders provides: 

  • Professional third-party external perspective

  • Overcoming Bureaucracy

  • Internal Politics Reduction

  • Leadership Assessment, Talent Acquisition and Succession Planning

  • Strategy (creation, integration, maintenance,  & management)

  • Business Modeling & Planning

  • Organizational Direction and Alignment

  • Goals define/refine

  • Mission, Vision, Values

  • Decision Making

  • Feasibility Study

  • Project Management

  • The Balanced Scorecard

  • SWOT Analysis

Overcoming Obstacles

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