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Robert J. White, Ph.D.

Robert J. White, Ph.D.

Robert J. White, Ph.D.

"Robert" is a multifaceted professional with a remarkable journey that encompasses military service, finance, project management, and education.

Enlisting in the US Army Infantry at 18, Dr. White’s early years instilled discipline and teamwork. Rising through the ranks, he was commissioned as a Finance Officer and led troops through three tours in Kuwait and Iraq, displaying his commitment to duty and leadership under pressure.

His educational pursuits are equally impressive, including a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and Nuclear Engineering from West Point, a Master’s Degree in Finance from Webster University, a Master’s Degree in Project Management from the University of Adelaide, and a Ph.D. in Leadership from Our Lady of the Lake University.

In his 15-year tenure at Shell, Robert made significant contributions in finance and project management roles, consistently delivering results and exemplifying his expertise.

As an Adjunct Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management at Lone Star College, he imparts his knowledge and passion for servant leadership to the next generation of business leaders.

Robert’s dedication to servant leadership, putting others’ needs first, and fostering collaboration, sets him apart as a visionary professional who continues to make a positive impact in various spheres. His journey from the military to corporate leadership and education reflects his unwavering commitment to excellence and service.

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